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Works for: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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   Aww look its got a quiver! AND SOME DECENT BOW
   Maple decided to make the skeletons shoot faster and
   therefore add a shit ton of challenge to the game.
-Wannabe creeper faggot
Look some fucktard from Columbine decided to blow shit up!

   Basically a kid decided to go to your
   local cheapshit halloween store and get
   himself a creeper mask and an RPG.
   Unfortunetly he died because he had no fucking
    clue how to use an RPG. poor bastard...

Minigram, should really make this fucker look like Osamba
Bin Laden because the crater this cunt leaves is fucking
devastating. no joke, you WILL lose a decent chunk of your
mansion. Oh and they run like Barry Allen on caffine.
   Imagine your regular minecraft zombie.

   He made it faster. i swear im gonna have a fucking heart
   attack one day because these mobs are retardedly fast
   and hit really hard.
You good there bud- OOOH GOD NO NONONONO-

   I swear to god Maple got Minigram to make a skin that
   looks like a retarded Tom Hanks, give the fucker some
   crack, acid, weed, ecstacy, and every known drug on the
   planet. And boom you got this crazy bastard.

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